Other conspicuous design prizes:


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Fashion Garment PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeYachts PrizeCouncil of Creativity Prize
Retail PrizeAdvanced PrizeManufacturing Machinery PrizeRewarding Prize
Museums PrizeArchitectural Design PrizeGreatest Architecture PrizeAwards' Prize
Masters' PrizeTop Artists PrizeDesign Olympics PrizeDesign Thinking Prize
Leading PrizeProfessional Designers PrizePioneers PrizeDesignprize Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeCorporate Plans PrizeProsumer Products PrizeSales Centers Prize
Workshop and Warehouse PrizeArt Goods PrizeArt Installations PrizeMarine Vessels Prize
Business Strategy PrizeFinancial Instruments PrizeEducation PrizeOutranking Prize
Art Portfolio PrizeTableware PrizeDesign Weeks PrizeSafety Clothing Prize
Red Goods PrizeDictionary PrizeFunctional Furniture PrizeExhibition Spaces Prize
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